A lovely feature of crochet is its versatility - it crosses cultures, hemispheres, generations, seasons. Here in this picture I gave my friends Filigona & Rose, and our neighbour, the chance to try some crochet for themselves - never too young!

Oooh, I think the loveliest about the cooler weather is the opportunity to bundle up in beautifully handmade beanies and scarves! I am so loving getting back into making teenie-weanie-keenie-beanies :) year after year I never seem to get tired of making them for the approaching winter chill!

Here is just a handful of the beanies I have been busy making in the evenings... I find it a fabulous way to relax after busy days on my feet, and I am just loving the chance to get up close and personal with my wool! And to go hand and hand with crochet, will be getting my spinning wheel back in action - soon, very soon!