In my dreams.

Last night I spent the evening cutting out cushion covers from reclaimed woollen blankets from the Green Collect warehouse... oh, they are just incredible! (Photo's still to come) And I went to bed with my mind brimming with ideas for cushions!

The African Womens Sewing Enterprise kicks off again on Monday after a break for the school holidays and I have been keen to finalise a new project for us to all embark on next week. In particular I am thinking about the Maribyrnong Makers Market we will be at on the 15th May, and what we can prepare for our stall. After sorting and gathering goods from the warehouse I have a pile of fabulous Men's shirts that have been through the shop and are now waiting to be 'upcycled'. The fabric is excellent, but my mind has been busy - what to do with all these shirts?

And I woke up this morning after a terrible night's sleep because my brain was working overtime! Overnight I could see the vision of the Men's shirts being transformed into cushions... and just how to do it. So, today I got busy with my sewing and put my dreams into reality.

Before - Men's Shirt:

After - as a cushion:

Oooh, what a fabulous day of sewing! I have looked at cushions in homewares stores and though they are beautiful, they are expensive and who knows how they have been produced. I love belonging to a sewing project that is equipping and empowering local women, because their story becomes intertwined with the items they produce. The dreams I had about cushions last night has given me a wonderful project to embark on with the women next week - resourceful, practical, functional, unique, and each one will have its own story!


  1. These are wonderful Erica, what a great idea! They look fabulous and I think it's great that you are very clever in coming up with ways to give shirts a new lease on life!

  2. Awesome Erica!! Wht an awesome, practical, wonderful way to put 'upcycling' into action..and guess what..I think thoe shirts are better off for it!! The women are going to be just as excited whe they see there new project! I reckon they will be so ispired that soon they wil have a whole stall full of wonderful projects that their very hands have made..and you Mrs. Keen have made that happen..very proud!

  3. sorry about all the typos I didn't check first before I hit 'Post Comment'- bad habit


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