Give Away.

I am wondering if anyone might like some cushions I made last year from Ikea fabric? I have four cushions we have used on our couch, but since I have been a bit cushion crazy lately our couch is overflowing with cushion-y-goodness!


There are four 18" cushion covers - two coloured, and two in black & white of the same design. They are in fabulous condition, and I have given them a wash today too! I want to give them away without the inserts, so if you are keen for them you will need to source your own inserts. I am happy to post them to you for free too :) I am hoping to find them a good home because they really are fabulous and still have ooodles of life left in them! I will wait a few days to see who might be interested, and if there is many I will diplomatically pick a name from a hat. Thanks!


  1. I'd love them, you can bring them around tomorrow too to save you money on postage if you like :) Hope you get lots of responses to make picking the receivers fun though! They are gorgeous!! I saw the similar ones you made at Laura and Tom's house the other night. Em! x

  2. Oh Em... I have to confess I had an offer I simply couldn't refuse - which was a swap for a friend's artwork! My apologies they have found a home today, but I promise I can make up for it with your gift for tomorrow :)

  3. No worries dear, glad that you could get a special gift in the swap! Yay, see you tomorrow! xx


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