Last week I was so incredibly frustrated with our back yard - it's been so neglected and a sad place to be! I have no idea about gardening and with such a massive job I wondered if we could ever bring it back under control...

But thankfully I have a husband who is keen to garden and especially to tidy the place up. So bit by bit he starts to whipper snip the edges, and mow the lawn, and rake up all the rubbish from the trees, pull out oodles of weeds, and cut the trees back so they don't take over the whole backyard... and slowly it feels like the yard is coming back to life. So as the backyard is being cleared we begin to see a space that would be perfect for a vegie patch!

And so my frustration turns into hopefulness... as we begin to dream about what we can achieve together. Though as I help Ben by digging up weeds my minds goes to thinking of our friends in Ugunja Kenya. Our friends who have gardens for survival, and not for a hobby. I am deeply confronted by the incredibly wealth we have, and that I am wealthy at the expense of others. We worry about eating too many calories here in Australia, but yet so many in Kenya cannot get their required daily intake of calories. I am humbled by all we have - choices, resources, wealth, health, opportunities. But I am also encouraged that I am not alone, that I belong to a global village. And as we prepare our vegie garden we will continue to remember our brother and sisters in regions such as Kenya, and make as many choices as possible to make it a worthwhile and sustainable project for ourselves and to share with others.