I think what I love most about op-shopping is the discovery of what I think are treasures!

So, on Saturday Ben & I went for a bike ride... and our destination was to a local Salvo's op-shop. And while we were there I found a Masai blanket (Shuka blanket). Oh-my-gosh. I was so excited I am sure my heart stopped for just a moment! Wow.

When we lived in Ugunja, in Western Kenya, we met a few of the local Masai men. They wear very eye catching Shuka blankets, of incredibly bold colours - as this photo displays.

I wish I could show you one of my own photo's with the Masai, but all their fabrics they were wearing were slightly different to the one I found. The one I found is exactly like the one this Masai man is wearing -

And, in order to really enjoy this blanket I am making us a set of cushions for our couch. Ah, I am so glad to find it, and it stirs up even more the passion in me for returning to East Africa.

Images from here and here and here Thanks!


  1. They look amazing! Which Salvos store was it :)

  2. Yes WOW!! really beautiful. Just looking for that.
    Do you know of anyone selling them or a Company I could get in touch with in order to import them?
    I work in Spain ethnic textile and trying to find a provider but it's not easy.
    my address


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