Dishcloths v's Paper Towel

Article from G-Magazine: Green Living Made Easy - March/April 2010

Which wipes should be in every conscientious kitchen?

The G Verdict:
At the end of the day, this eco-battle is a matter of life and death, for the products that is; dishcloths win because they outlive their paper counterparts by orders of magnitude and so the impact of their production is less per use.
Although dishcloths require regular washing, green laundry habits can minimise water and energy use. So to be a truly green cleaning machine, stick to reusable cloths that come from the most sustainable sources, or best of all, make your own.

I have been making hand-made, organic, biodegradable, Hemp dishcloths for the last six months - Let me know if you want to make a change to a more sustainable cleaning choice for your kitchen :)