I have been working on a lovely little project to integrate some of my creative ideas with a new product made by Green Collect...

Green Collect Notebooks:

These notebooks are made from 100% reused paper and folders. Through 'upcycling' - using existing resources to create a new item - they are reducing the consumption of new raw materials as well as saving on the energy and water used in manufacturing.

The materials used in the notebooks have been collected from offices in Melbourne. The paper has been diverted from recycling and the cardboard retrieved from lever arch folders that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

But there's even more to this story - new employment opportunities have been created at every stage of the life of this notebook: from collection, sorting and production, the notebook represents the passionate and creative input of many Green Collect staff. This product is both good for local people and for the earth!

And my idea was to build on this lovely little notebook with its blank pages, to convert it into a travel colouring book! I have combined the reused notebook with a vintage tea-towel and beautiful ecopencils.

I love that is it practical, portable, user-friendly, encourages creativity, sustainably produced and is unique! This is what it looks like when it is opened up...

Love transforming an idea from my mind to a creative product! The journey of dreaming, designing and producing for me is a slow but incredibly worthwhile adventure to pursue!


  1. It's fantastic Erica! Em x

  2. This is awesome..they look so good, and are a bit of a combination of your previous wrap and my sister in laws writig facinating..just lovely! I think these would sell very well


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