I love creativity!

I love investing in and celebrating the creativity of others, and I love when Ben & I express our own creativity. I think nothing compares to having a house full of creative productivity, and precious handmade treasures all over the place.

While we were in Nairobi, Kenya earlier this year we collected some beautiful paintings. Bold and bright colours, with captivating African inspiration. Ben has been working on making frames for each of these paintings. Wow! These frames are made from fence pailing, lovingly cut and sanded by hand and pieced together.

I love the combination of recycled wood, handmade paintings and uniquely made frames. It's hard not to want to keep every one Ben has constructed for us! But we are choosing to sell these paintings to fundraise in preparation for our time in East Africa in 2012. If you are captivated by this creativity, then chat to me about getting one for your household.


  1. So you guys are definitely going to East Africa next year? Any details? Country, length of stay, organisation? Em

  2. Em... I would answer a very definite YES! But the info and details are currently in the pipeline. As soon as it's official, I'll tell you all about it :) Love ya! E.


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