I love my pile of books waiting to be read! Each carefully selected and generally purchased with money earned from selling my handicrafts. Very special books indeed.

I have just finished reading The Rebel's Hour - I picked up this book from the Bangkok Airport while in transit on the way home from East African in February. It's been a slow read as I often go to bed when my eyes are so tired they just want to sleep, but I try and read anyway. It was a insightful book; a complicated story of the life of a soldier in the Congo. I chose it because I really want more of an insight into the Congo, and to understand more of its history. It gave me a lot to think about, and was certainly a worthwhile read.

The hardest thing about finishing a book is deciding which one to read next!
Well, I chose a book along a similar theme of life in a war zone in Africa, but this book is They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky - the true story of three Lost Boys from Sudan. I got this book recently from a workmate, she thought I might like to read it. I would really like to understand more of the history of Sudan, and I think a story like this will be very insightful for me. In fact I hope it continues to deepen my heart for the people of Sudan - I work with an incredible woman from Sudan, and her life story is profoundly challenging but full of faith, hope and love. I love that I can learn as I read. I also love that I can walk in the shoes of another; I'm captivated and engaged.

I love that I have been blessed with education that enables me to read and to explore the world through books. I really want to make the most of my love for books, and to be willing to constantly learn and grow from the writing of others!


  1. By sharing our lives from the simple through to the complex we are able to give a glimpse into our world. The vehicle of vulnerability can allow others a fresh appreciation of what they have and bring us all closer together, truly precious! %:)


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