A few things I love in life at the moment...

I love watching our garden grow, especially vegetables that we can then eat and enjoy!

I love watching our chicken snooze in the afternoon sunshine.

I love it when I have the chance to ride my bike, everywhere if possible. But I prefer to ride on the footpath because I hate being in the traffic.

I love the coziness of hoodies on cold evenings.

I love when I find pins in my crafty work-in-progress that I can then reclaim! Especially when I seem to run out of pins - which happens way too much!

I love to read about positive stories of aid and development, especially when it transforms lives. I love reading books that tell stories - real stories - of hope and sadness, joy and challenges, life and loss. I cherish books of life changing stories.

I love time with my nephews and nieces. I love their imaginations, their creativity and how they love me back.

I love having all my creative supplies out, all over the place. I don't think Ben loves it quite as much, but I find it very inspiring and constantly gives me ideas and inspiration.

I love it when my husband makes us fresh fairtrade coffee's. Love a fabulous coffee at home!


  1. Roman told me a story this morning, it went 'Once there was a duck and had a train and big boat'


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