I always seems to have a million ideas in my head, and a endless projects I want to work on.

And one reoccurring desired project is to make my own skirts. Over the past five years I have really grown to love wearing skirts! I love them because they are beautiful, unique, contain loads of character and I feel they are feminine and flattering. In fact I am so used to wearing skirts that when I put trousers on it feels completely unfamiliar.

And slowly I have collected a little pile of delightful fabric, which is waiting to be transformed into a wearable item! There are a few reasons why I haven't made these skirts - settling on just the right pattern I think is 99% of the reason. But also I know myself, and when I sew for me I know my standards are high and my eye for detail is too sharp.

As I pondered what to wear to an friend's wedding, I resolved that I would make a new skirt from some amazing japanese designer fabric by Echino. I got this fabric when at a craft fair in Melbourne with my mum, too long ago to remember. It has waited patiently for my in my fabric cupboard for me to be ready to embark on such a special project.

Well, I unpicked another skirt that I love but is now very faded, and there was my perfect pattern! The skirt has been made, it's not perfectly constructed as I still have much to learn about dress-making, but perfect in my eyes. I think it is incredibly beautiful, the fabric is amazing, it fits me well and it's handmade. When I look at it I feel such a rush of joy because it is such an obvious example of my love of making and creating.

My collection of handmade skirts is growing and I love making dreams into clothing I can wear! And there is something uplifting about overcoming all the reasons that cause me not to act on my dreams and ideas.


  1. A long time ago Dave sent me to your blog... but I have finally ventured out to write to you! I LOVE what you wrote about skirts and the beauty and class of them. I am the same way... its something I grew up with, but really started to become a heart desire thing in the last few years. I have been making loads of them and experiencing the blessings of following that desire and seeing the effects that dressing not just modestly but femininely and almost 'traditionally' has done in my surroundings with the people I meet and how it has set them at ease and opened up the lines of deeper communication. It was lovely to read from you and see someone I can relate to as well who shares similar passions. Blessings!!!

  2. Lovely to meet you, and I especially love what you've shared... It's great to be reminded that people do notice what we wear, and I love how our choices of handmade, and unique, and the expression of our femininity can make such a bold statement about us.

    Thanks for saying Hi, E.


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