Ah, Easter.
Both a time of reflection on the heart of my faith, and the opportunity to get together to share with those I love.

This Easter was very special for us, as we have family now living here in Melbourne - so we enjoyed fish together for lunch on Good Friday and an amazing lamb roast on Easter Sunday.

I love gifts - to give and to receive. A highlight of my Easter was an amazing Fairtrade Egg from my husband, along with an iTunes card! Oooh, yes I have had my eye on a fabulous album of African music which I'm keen to buy.

And, so as we prepared our gifts this Easter I dreamed up all sorts of ideas including a balloon bunny for my nephew, and a cozy blanket for my brand new niece. Here is a glimpse of the 'Safari Rug' I've made for her:

There was much trial and error to complete my idea, but I am so pleased with the results! But even better is the gift of family that inspire and value what I can make for them. At the moment I am working on brand new beanies for all my nieces in Tasmania. The biggest challenge of the project is ensuring I add all the colours they have requested to their beanies! I love making and creating for them. Tonight I have begun and undone one beanie over and over until I get the colour combination just right. It's lovely to have a lap full of wool, and a project to embark on. I feel so blessed from my family, big and small.