I can't believe how quickly I have read this book!

There is something incredibly captivating about the story of the Lost Boys from Sudan. I found this book really hard to put down. I honestly can't believe they survived such horrific circumstances, for such a long time - they survived through injuries, exploitation, displacement, hunger, thirst, poverty, homelessness, war, torture and they were just little children. The boys sharing their stories were separated from their homes and their parents between the ages of 5-8 years old. Wow. Their spirits are unquenchable and their faith, hope and determination is unbelievable, and inspiring.

And the next book to be devoured... well, I am still deciding!


  1. Hi Erica, greetings from Tassie. Get a copy of 'Outcasts United' by Warren St John, true story of resettlement of refugees in Georgia USA of all places, and the Jordanian woman who formed soccer teams from the boys and brought a renewed sense of hope and community to both the refugees and this typical southern US town. Great read, real inspiration.

  2. Thanks Di! I've added it to my Book Depository wish-list :)


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