I love watching our garden grow!
Today we are planting seedlings, and building more garden beds. We are still harvesting tomatoes and watching to see if we will get any little zucchinis to eat! I love our garden, and can't wait to learn more and more about sustainable food production, about seasons and produce, about food security and the blessing of eating fresh, healthy, home-grown vegetables!

I had a chat with a friend recently about gardening, and she described herself as being someone who certainly doesn't have a 'green-thumb' - but I also often hear about people who claim they are 'not creative' when they compare themselves to me. I really don't believe this to be the case - I think sometimes we resist cultivating a new skill or knowledge. I don't think all our skills just come naturally, I believe that we need to be willing to learn, try, fail and persist.

Over the past year I have been studying Textile Design & Development at RMIT. And, to be honest it has been incredibly challenging at times to learn a new skill. It really does take practice, discipline and knowledge. I hate making mistakes, and feeling stupid and feeling a million miles from where I would like to be. But the good thing about these feelings is that though they are discouraging, I am also determined to overcome them! I want to keep my eye on the prize: whether it is a harvest of vegetables, or learning to screen print, or designing a new bag - the failures enable me to learn how to do it better. I often talk about this with the African women I work with - that making a mistake helps us learn, and we will do it differently next time!

I don't think I have a 'green-thumb' and I don't think I am extraordinarily creative, but I am determined to use the skills and passions that I've got. I am committed to my values and dreams for the future, and I will take the steps necessary to see them flourish. So, I encourage you to try something new - a new recipe, a herb garden, making a cushion, making a card - whatever it might be, and enjoy the process of growth. Sometimes it's amazingly easy and sunny, and sometimes it rains, but remember without the rain the plants would never grow!