It is nice to see when hard work pays off in the garden!

We are constantly working on our garden - whether it's planting vegetables or natives, or mulching, mowing, moving, or maintaining the garden. Just when I say I've had enough, I find myself back out there keen to make a difference. Our garden is growing beautifully, and we are ready to start eating our spinach and silverbeet! We are still harvesting tomatoes, and lots of our winter crop is starting to grow.

We've had lots of trouble with caterpillars on the broccoli, and cabbage moths are all over the place. But we have some organic pest control which seems to be helping. I think that is the biggest challenge of gardening - fighting the pests and the challenges of the weather. Ben has cut back an incredibly overgrown plum tree which has helped give more sunshine to the large garden bed. Today it has poured with rain, though it makes it terribly cold and hard to get outside, I'm grateful for the rain that sustains the land.

Our chickens are happily settling in, we have enjoyed two eggs in two days! What a celebration of resources, sustainability and a sense of participation in the food cycle.


  1. I really like how much time and love you guys invest in that garden. It pays off. AWESOME

  2. Congrats on your chicken finally laying eggs! :D Pest Control Melbourne


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