I am enjoying the process of rearranging and rethinking my bits and pieces. My desk space endlessly has little piles of papers and work on the go, so I tried to reign it all in yesterday by adding a new shelf and more storage. It's looking pretty good now! I also decided to hang some lanterns we got in India above my desk, and put lots of pictures on the back of the glass door - my work desk and my sewing desk are along windows, so there really isn't any wall space to stick things up.

I can't help but smile while sorting through my stuff... because it tells me some very distinctive things about myself!

1. That I love to write lists! I have written lists on what seems like a billion little pieces of paper. I really do find this quite amusing... and at the moment I am trying to condense a lot of them onto one current list. As I said, I love to write lists!

2. I love notebooks. I have so many amazing notebooks - Fairtrade, handmade paper, beautiful - lots that have been given to me as gifts (obviously I'm not the only one who knows I love notebooks!). The tricky part is that I have lots of notebooks on the go at once, plus I grow very attached to them when they are nearly finished... and what to do with them. At the moment they are in a pile on the corner of my desk!

3. Aid and Development issues. Wow, I have so many amazing articles and booklets and information about Aid and Development. It's really hard to not get absorbed in reading it all while I am trying to rearrange my papers. It engages me, fills me with ideas, and reminds me of my part in my global community.

4. Ideas! I have my drawn designs, cut-outs from magazines, tags from products, brochures of creative ideas. Wow. I really need to just stick them all into a massive notebook. So many good ideas, so much that I want to do. Love it!

5. Cards. I have so many amazing cards I have collected from our travels - Greece, India, East Africa. Lots are handmade, or hand painted. I am torn between actually using them, or putting them in a frame! It's amazing how beautiful a card can be, I love cards. A lot.

Well, I think this really is a bit of insight into me! I certainly don't mind being a 'stuff' person, providing I am regularly making an effort to keep it sorted and am making the most of it. Good times.