Book Bags.

I have really enjoyed working with upcycling unwanted Fairtrade coffee sacks.

I began converting coffee sacks into shopping bags, lined with African wax print or vintage fabrics! I seriously love these bags. From there I have tried a range of shapes and sizes of shopping bags. I love big bags, matched with big bold fabrics.

I have seen quite a lot of cushions made from coffee sacks, but I am not particularly keen on them - unless they were for seat cushions for my outdoor chairs. There is something rugged about the coffee sacks, and I just can't picture these kinds of cushions on my couch to cuddle up to.

But I do love book bags made from coffee sacks! Book bags are the perfect way to protect my books when travelling, but also the best way to keep track of my notebooks, important papers and pens! I always pack way too much when I travel (especially just for the weekend away) and as a result books always seem to come out battered from being squeezed into my bag. Book bags have enabled me to still have a crowded bag, but keep my books, magazines and papers in fabulous condition.

And next... well, I would love to make some more variations of shopping bags and smaller handbags. Also, I would love to make some Macbook laptop covers. Plus I have been screen printing on coffee sacks at RMIT and I look forward to incorporating some of this work into my sewing. Oh, I love sewing with Fairtrade coffee sacks!

Book bags available from my Etsy shop