After a week of Birthday celebrations for both Ben and I, it has got me thinking about sharing. And in particular the sharing of time and of gifts.

There is something delightful about presents: with carefully chosen wrapping paper, ribbons, & hand-written cards. But, I wonder why we don't give gifts more often? I think generosity is a great value to live by.

I think being generous requires being courageous. We don't always have to 'know' exactly what the other person wants most - there is something very significant about us giving a gift that reflects a bit of who we are. I would like to make more hand-crafts for friends, but I know I wonder too much if the recipient will like what I've made. If I'm unsure I know it can unintentionally discourage me from giving. But I would love to have relationships where I also receive special handmade items. Is being generous part of our culture here in Australia? How often do you give gifts - outside of events such as Birthday's and Christmas?

There is something wonderful about being generous with our time as well. I think everyone I know talks about being busy, and feeling stretched for time. I realise there are times in my life when I wished people just lingered - for an extended chat after church, or a catch-up when crossing paths at work, or a spontaneous phone call just to say Hello, or making time for a coffee. I personally hate feeling time poor. If we're friends, and we both want to hang out - then it must happen! Life: work, sleep, chores, study, events will just keep happening. But to have rich friendships, they need time. Time is an amazing gift to share with each other.

My life is richest when I am giving, sharing, loving, supporting, encouraging, thankful.
Thank you for sharing this journey with me, and for your thoughtfulness and love in celebration of my Birthday!