I think I'm on a roll at the moment - I've caught the vision with making myself some skirts, and I'm really enjoying trying some new things.

I found a skirt that had really interesting fabric, but has been handmade really badly with no shape in it all. So, I unpicked the skirt, and rescued the fabric. And, as much as I loved the interesting fabric, I didn't want it in a skirt all by itself. So, I added some amazing plain brown linen from my fabric shelf and they just work together beautifully.

I've put the fabrics together as half and half, with a panel of each of the fabrics on the front and back. There is something bold and fun with the fabric, but also earthy and comfortable.

Next project? Well, I am keen to make myself a dress from some of my fabric I collected while in East Africa earlier this year. So, I've been on the hunt for a pattern that beautiful, suitable for my fabric, that I can see myself in. We're off to a wedding in September, so why not plan ahead I say! I am not really someone who wears dresses... I love the idea of them, but often I find it hard to get a dress that fits 'just right'. Hopefully that I will love this dress so much once I've finished sewing it, that I will feel confident to wear it and treasure it for a long time to come.

I think I might also make a fun jacket to accompany this dress! Oh, I look forward to stepping up to another challenge, and I am filled with ideas and inspiration.