I love books!

This is the book I am currently captivated by:

This book is such a valuable reminder of the girls behind many of the products that come our way from China. A precious insight into the lives of women who could otherwise just be invisible. I'm thankful this story has been told, and that I have the opportunity, education and disposable income to purchase and read it. I am blessed and thankful.

I love reading, but I also love the idea of a book. My imagination is captivated by the description, and I just can't wait to take the journey and for my mind to be engaged and impacted by someone else's story. Most of the books I read are of people's stories and particularly in the field of missionary, or aid & development work. I especially love reading about those people with a global faith based perspective which has caused them to get up and take action, those people bringing their dreams to life and using their God given talents and changing the lives of others.

I know that I am reading too slowly when my 'wish-list' is piling up! But also I am excited about making a sale of my handmade creative treasures, so that I can save up for a new book to savour. Here are a few that caught my eye:

There are so many stories to be told, and so many to read, and one of the reasons I love to blog is because I want to share a glimpse of my world and my story.