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Reading... I am captivated by 'Factory Girls: voices from Modern China' which I am about half way through. But I have also been flicking through the current edition of Frankie and Peppermint magazines. And, I have been enjoying trying out the crosswords in The Guardian Weekly. Enjoyable, but also very challenging!

Cooking... I made a Fairtrade Chocolate Mud cake for Ben's birthday this week! And, I have also been enjoying trying out different vegetable soup recipes. I have never particularly liked soup, but I am willing to try making some as we have oodles of fabulous homegrown and organic vegetables available at the moment.

Supporting... We have a sponsor child with World Vision in Tanzania. His name is Ezekiel. And we actively support the work of TEAR Australia, and particularly my creative enterprises have been supporting TEAR's Lydia's List.

Drinking... I have been drinking a lot more tea lately, and I have even adopted an English tea Guru. I love both Fairtrade coffee and T2 - delicious! A highlight recently was having afternoon tea at the T2 teahouse in Macquarie Centre in Sydney. Wow!

Dreaming about... New products I want to make for 'Been & Done. I have so many ideas! And now it is so cold here in Melbourne, I am dreaming about working on lots of crochet projects.

Wearing... handmade skirts. I have been adjusting, making, altering, revamping and repairing skirts!

Watching... with night classes there are shows I'd love to watch, but am not home enough. But I have been enjoying Burn Notice season 2, and am happy Offspring is back on TV on Monday night!

Listening to... I am addicted to listening to the radio. In fact, today I had two radio's going (one at each end of the house, so that neither had to be too loud). And then realised I actually had two different stations playing! I love music, and very rarely am I without it on nearby.

Tweeting... I haven't got into twitter, and I don't think I will. In fact I would much rather simplify my life of so much technology! Bring back the pen and paper, letter writing and the feel of beautiful paper, the look of fine printing and the feel of a good book!

Most looking forward to... My birthday and celebrating with my precious friends and family this week. I am having a Champagne Craft Party, with lots of lovely Tasmanian made food & drinks!

Organising... Taking steps in the process of downsizing our house ready for long term living overseas. Before we go I aim to utilise lots of the resources we have - and turn them into beautiful, practical handcrafts and life long treasures.

Smelling... my Fairtrade Nui skin care! It's an organic body wash, and smells amazing - Island Rose and Rosehip Oil! Mmm.

Smitten clothing. Tasmanian made merino clothing. So cozy and snuggly and wonderful! I am so fortunate to have been given a Smitten jacket from my folks for my Birthday.

Persuading friends to... craft with me!


  1. Thanks for that overview Erica, it was awesome to read about how you spend your time


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