My Shop.

I enjoy opening new chapters in my life!

I love moving forward with dreams and ideas step by step. Heck, I think if I tried to tackle all my goals and dreams and ideas at once I would simply be buried by so much potential and goodness. There really is something incredibly special about taking life season by season; step by step.

It's been a long and incredibly worthwhile journey of making and selling, creating and producing, designing and developing. I have sold personally, at markets, on commission, wholesale and now online! This has been a personal goal of mine to establish an online shop, but I held off until I felt prepared and ready to really go for it. After our time in East Africa earlier this year, I was just sold out to come home and make this dream a reality. And here I am, kicking off my shop just when I had hoped to.

I am working so hard to make the most of all opportunities that come my way. It's not an easy path - my eyes are looking far ahead to my dreams for the future, they are thinking about what is yet to unfold this year, looking at my current week's responsibility, mindful what I need to do next, and reflecting backwards to the path I have already taken. It's tricky to strike a good balance - making space for relationships, creativity, responsibilities, vocation, spontaneity, travel, study, and all that is life.

I don't know what to expect with this new Etsy shop, but I am committed to making the most of it for the rest of this year and hopefully wherever we might be based next year too. I celebrate the completion of a goal, the opening of a chapter and the joy that my creative expression brings me.