Do you work?
And, do you enjoy it? Or find it satisfying or rewarding?

I often think about all the factors that make a great job, and wonder if all positions have similar challenges (particularly when we have to work alongside others!) Though I think sometimes the greatest challenge of work is requiring the will-power to climb out of bed on a cold morning!

I think I have always found the loss of freedom hard when working... to commit to being somewhere for a designated time each day. And those precious 4 weeks of holidays each year can feel few and far between! And how much better is work when you are there, in the midst of it and getting involved (rather than just away from it thinking, or worrying, about it!)

But, what does makes a good job?
I think who you work for makes a huge difference, and there is something precious about belonging. I love that I believe in the organisation that I work for. I also think what you do is important, particularly if you can combine your hobbies, passions, skills, talents with your day-to-day responsibilities. But, there are always factors of work I find that can't be avoided - those moments of being under great stress and pressure, or having to do icky, boring or repetitive tasks, or difficult moments with other people, or those moments when you feel like you deserve ten times the wage you are being paid!

But, how great is a job that engages you and brings out the best in you and those you work with! I love when I can bring my creativity and passion to work. I love when my job helps me to care for, and support and encourage, others. I love believing in what I am doing, in who I work for, and feeling a sense of satisfaction and achievement at the end of the day.

My heart sings when people I know take intentional steps towards achieving their dreams...

My brother in law Andrew has just taken up a job at an organic wood-fired sourdough bakery in Tasmania, making bread in the traditional way without yeast. Wow! I am so inspired that he knows where he wants to be, and he knows what's important to him. The choices he is making now is shaping his path as a baker, and expresses his passions and creativity for great bread.

My mate Rick just got a part-time job with Micah Challenge. They are a global campaign of Christians advocating for justice for the poor and speaking up for justice, mercy and compassion. I love that he took a step of faith applying for this job, and I love that he had the courage to share his heart. He is man of vision and ideas, and it's exciting seeing him refining his skills to take him on the path he feels called.

And, I have just taken on a new role of being a tutor to the children of two of the Somali women I work with from the African Women's Sewing Enterprise. An opportunity arose as the women were looking for a tutor for their primary school aged kids, to help them strengthen their weaknesses identified in their school report cards. What an opportunity! I am so looking forward to getting alongside these kids, listening to them and investing in their futures. I start on Monday afternoon!

I think the key to having a great job is firstly knowing what it is that makes your heart sing and what it is you want to be doing. But also, we must believe in ourselves, to step out in faith, and be willing to tell people what we want to be doing and to courageously pursue our dreams.