I find the lovely thing about being away from home is arriving back to reconnect with all that is precious at home, and that includes seeing how our garden has grown.

Actually, I think it's amazing just how much the garden can change in only a few days! And especially in Autumn, when the colours are so bold and all the fallen leaves are everywhere, it certainly make the garden look different from day to day.

Here is a glimpse of the growth and the beautiful vegetables flourishing - red cabbage, broccoli, bok choi and beetroot:

We are able to enjoy silverbeet and spinach at the moment, but the beetroot is so close to being ready and closely followed by the bok choi. Though I think the spinach is just about finished now that it has become so cold here in Melbourne. Some of the veggies are just starting out, and I love how super cute they look - especially the peas, leeks and carrots.

A glimpse of our very small cauliflowers, the Melbourne Market Pea (each with a pea as big as the whole plant itself!), onions and brussel sprouts:

I would say a highlight of our place now is our fabulous pet chickens: Abishack, Mary & Esther (or otherwise known as Sarah, Lulu and Lila). Whatever their names are, it is very rewarding to care for them and to enjoy their fresh eggs! They are very inquisitive, and noisy, and love roaming around the backyard digging for worms. I feel like I am getting the hang of having chickens, and now it seems so normal to have them that I really miss them when we go away!

When you have been away from home, what do you look forward to most when you arrive back? I certainly always look forward to sleeping in my own bed again! I also love the variety of clothing from my cupboard - especially after living for any time out of a backpack!

I love taking an adventure so I can enjoy arriving back home. Ah!


  1. I love the chicken photo!!! It has so much character.


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