I am trying out a new jasmine shampoo & conditioner bar from Lush. Oh, I wish you could smell it, because the floral aroma is just incredible!

Do you know much about Lush?
As described by them: They are all about inventing their own products and fragrances, and their products are made fresh and by hand using little or no preservatives. They are all about simple or no packaging, vegetarian and organic ingredients and all about informing the customer about the origins of their products and ingredients. Wow.

I love walking past Lush shops... you get overwhelmed by the most incredible mixture of smells! I generally am not a 'lotions and potions' kinda girl, but I do have a love of great shampoo. The nice thing about this shampoo & conditioning bar was the scent it left in my bag while we were travelling. Delicious!

I love these nifty shampoo & conditioning because they require no packaging and seem to last forever! And are quick and easy to use. Simple, fabulous and smelling delicious!

If you are friendly with Lush, what is your favourite product?