I have really enjoyed the chance to enjoy writing and talking and thinking and expressing myself through my blog!

And to celebrate the journey of 200 blog posts over the past 18 months, I thought I would throw a blog party, get some feedback on the journey and give away one of my creative pieces.

So, if you like my blog, please leave me a comment and let me know why. I'm keen to keep going, telling the stories of what I do, where I am, what I'm learning and creating, and what I love, and I'd love to build on my strengths. And to enter the giveaway, please tell me which of these handicrafts pictured is your favourite, and why you like it. If you are the winner - who will be randomly selected - you will win the creative piece you've picked and told me about.
[Note: I work with reclaimed, recycled, and vintage resources so I cannot guarantee it will be the same as the item pictured, but I will make you something super special especially for you I promise!]

1. Travel Pencil Roll.
2. Organic Hemp Dishcloth.
3. Vintage woollen blanket cushion.
4. Vintage woollen blanket floor cushion.

5. Souvenir Tea-Towel Cushion, backed with Vintage Woollen Blanket.
6. Fairtrade Coffee Sack Book Bag, lined with African Wax Print Fabric.
7. Owl softie.
8. Tie Door Draught Snake.

9. Coffee Sack Handbag, with Vintage Plastic Handles.
10. Fairtrade Coffe Sack Shopping Bag, lined with African Wax Print Fabric.
11. Keenie Beanie or Woollen Ear Warmer.
12. Baby Bibs.

So, now I've done all the hard work it's your turn! Get involved, share your loves, your favourite, and your feedback in a comment below - and leave your name and email so I can let you know if you've won! Competition winner will be announced on July 1st.

Happy 200.


  1. I really dig reading your blog and always look forward to your new posts because i know they are gonna be raw. Your faith, creativity and application with stuff that you learn are the things i notice and they bounce off each page and appreciate that erica keen. You inspired me to blog and always give space for those reading to dream.

    I love reading and i have many books which i carry around with me daily. I have seen how much work goes into making those bags and how much love you put into them. In short, i have always wanted one of your famous bags.

    Keep blogging

  2. ooooo how exciting!! a blog party!! im there!! haha. your a creative soul, thats for sure. even when giving stuf away. well...erica. i loved running into you in melbourne recently. was so great to connect with you again in person. now, about your blogs...i LOVE your blogs and read most of them. you are such an inspiration to me and many im sure. you have a fair bit of activity on this page!! i love that you are about creativity thats not at the expense of others. i love that you share your journey on line like this so that i can have a read and be inspired or challenged. i love having a 'blog' friend who i can read about when im wondering what book i could read next or whats a good site to check out or where can i get some good products that arent destroying people or the earth?. i love that you know much more about alot of stuff that i am interested in so i can jump onto your site and check out about gardening and things like that to. thankyou for sharing your thoughts and stories...the light hearted ones and the gut wrenching ones. its all part of the journey and your choosing to open up and share it with us all. i love it. dont stop.
    much love em xx

    oh, i love the fair trade coffee sack book bag!!

  3. Hey Erica,

    I am a huge fan of your blog. Your updates come up on my facebook as colourful, engaging hot topics. I love seeing particularly your posts about things that you've made or grown in your fantastic vegie garden...and they taste even better than they look! My favourite piece in this giveaway is definitely the vintage woolen floor cushion. It has all the charm of an old nanny's crochet blanket, with the practicality of a comfortable floor cushion. Not to mention it's made from reclaimed materials rather than something you could just buy at IKEA. My Nan used to knit us warm beanies and things, but now she has arthritis I have taken it up to carry on her tradition. I'm still only as far as basic scarfs, but one day I'd love to make my niece a blanket like the one above.

    I find your motivation each day to go to work, class, markets, your backyard and put all of your beliefs into practice inspiring...even in the cold of winter!

    I hope that through this giveaway you feel encouraged and see how many people actually follow your blog and creative journey. I love it, it really inspires me!

    Thanks, Emma Preece

  4. I am not very good at expresing myself, so just to say I tottally agree with what the others have said. You are a very inspiring person, trouble is I'm a roun-toit person. I was a bit emotional when reading what the others had to say. Keep up the good work.

  5. As I follow the journey of your productive life through this blog, i'm continually reminded of the extraordinary in the ordinary.

    Thanks Erica for sharing what's important to you so that others can travel the journey & be inspired to take action as well. I love the way you reflect on what's of significance & value to you which i'm often very engaged with as I read your Blog.

    I think this blog is a great reflection of the diversity in products you make. With everyone being unique & lovingly made with carefully selected, & often reclaimed resources. Even though I have one of my own, I love how you have given a second life to coffee sack bags with number 10. These are a very creative & practical concept for using discarded coffee sacks.

    I admire your persistence in life which is reflected in the choices you make. From what you read, give time to, grow in the garden, the friends & family invested in, & the commitment to actualize your dreams.


  6. I like your blog because you highlight changing the world through simplicity.

    And by far my favorite is the travel pencil roll because I LOVE stationary and traveling so combining the two is insane.

  7. My motivation for reading your blog is twofold:

    1. It helps keep me in touch with what you guys are up to, since we aren't close by to catch up in person

    2. I love seeing your creations, looking at how your veggie garden is progressing, and hearing about what you're learning about/reading/experiencing/thinking

    Well it's more than two-fold, it is many fold. You are a good writer, and I find your posts inspiring.

    As for your creations, I can't go past a Keenie Beanie (although I don't wear beanies, but I still love them), although I've always loved the look of your many Vintage woollen blanket cushions.

    And I must say, I still love wearing my orange fleece scarf with purple overlocking that I bought in the Po many years ago.

  8. I enjoy reading about your joy.
    Your blog posts often prod me into action once again.
    I find encouragement here :-) Encouragement to think of new uses for the old, to not stop with just an idea but have a go, to keep making decisions about how I want my values to show in my life.

    As for which of those creations is a favourite... I find I'm torn between your book bag and the pencil roll (or is it a crochet hook tidy?!).

  9. Me, I just love the beauty - of your products, of your words, and of your life.
    XXX Chelle

  10. I love your blog because it takes me to a new place, somewhere fresh and full of new idea's. I love that you can take a tea towel and think to make a cushion out of it!. Your creativity inspires me to try new things
    I tried for a while to just pick one item, but I love them all!. I managed to narrow it down to 2.
    I love the coffee sack handbag, it has a vintage look to it, which i love! and you would never have known what it was made from!!, very cool indeed!!.
    Also I love the keeny beanie's, I know my husband would LOVE this! ( the blokey one at least .. As he starts work at 5am and in Tassy is gets c-c-c-ccold at that hour!!. Love the ear warmers one, very cute!.
    I love that your doing this for a blog idea, it's very generous, but i do hope your enjoying the feedback.
    Love you!, love your work! xx


  11. Hola Erica,
    I really enjoy reading about your ideas, projects and everyday life. You are very talented and creative! Also, very generous for sharing with us your passion for empowering people given them hope and skills to keep going despite their difficulties in life. I love all your projects, but if I win and you are going to send me a present, I'd love to have #10. Fairtrade Coffe Sack Shopping Bag, lined with African Wax Print Fabric.I like making things and everything about Textiles too.
    Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!
    Gloria x

  12. Oh E- what an opportunity to be able to share the gift you and your blog are to us all! I really appreciate being able to hear a piece of your world and it has this way of being both inspirational and challenging all at the one time.

    I always walk away appreciative of everything my day brings- whatever that may be.

    Chris & I finished watching the "Go Back to Where you Come From" series on SBS last night, and we were thinking of you guys a lot. Your blog today helps to take up that challenge to care for all Gods People!

    Oh- btw- my fav has to be the coffee sack handbag with the vintage handles, it has this eco-retro feel, and is both stylish and practical. It is awesome..just as you are!!

    Love you Miss E- Love Kath D xoxo

  13. oh! i thought i commented but it mustn't have posted... I'm inspired by your comittment to all things fair trade and reuasble!! i love hearing about your garden also - someday I want to have a garden as productive as yours! Thanks for sharing. I love the Owl too. Maybe one day my kids can play with one like that! Kylie Polk

  14. Hey Erica!
    Just read some of your new post! It seems like you blog nearly everyday! That's amazing you truly inspired me to blog. You will see my very soon!;P
    I really like all your creation but as I told you before I love N.10 the most, I was so stun that you used old folder as the base for the bag! You guys are just extremely clever! And I would love it too much to use it as shopping bag! I will definitely use it as a handbag!

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!! hahahahhaa Hope this work!!!!!!

    Sarah Poon

  15. Competition now closed... winner to be announced later this evening!


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