Good, Better, Best.

Stuff I think is most excellent:

1. Car: BMW mini, orange. One day I will get one! And a pre-loved Land Rover Defender for living in Africa.

2. Shoes: My new all black Etiko boots. Love them with skirts.

3. Magazines: Inside Out, Frankie, Peppermint, Target [TEAR], Donna Hay, Real Living. I love magazines that are interesting, creative, colourful, global and inspiring.

4. It's best when it's about 25 degrees here in Melbourne. Not a top of 12 degrees like it's been in Winter.

5. Vegetable: Our first harvest this week of Chinese cabbage (wombok). It's awesome in crunchy noodle salad!

6. Music: Staff Benda Bilili, from DR Congo. A group of musicians who have all suffered from Polio. They sing with soul, stories, passion and with a message.

7. Recent movie: Pirates of the Caribbean IV, great laugh and a good story! Loved it. And a different perception of mermaids.

8. I love jewellery, from head to toe: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, toe rings. And I'm quite picky about what I like, so when I like it - I love it!

9. Shampoo: Herbal Essences. With coconut and orchid. I don't know how earth friendly it is, but far out it smells nice and cooperates with my hair.

10. Drink: Alcoholic - Midouri and Lemonade, Hot - Fairtrade Coffee, Cold - Raspberry cordial with Soda Stream and ice-cubes. Yum!

11. Favourite place at home: Sewing at my desk, in the afternoon sunshine while watching the world go by outside the window.

12. TV show: Offspring. Love it! Nina is just too funny. I love her honest character.

13. Sports Activity: swimming. But I never seem to go - need to change that! I'm keen to get some 'go-fast' bathers and get out of bed early to go swimming at the local indoor pool.

14. Colour: I have loved orange forever, but I am very much in love with grey at the moment. I love how it goes with so much, but not too heavy especially at Winter.

15. Hobby: List writing! Ha ha, not really. My most favourite hobby at the moment is gardening. We have made so much progress that it's now really enjoyable being able to work on it daily.

16. Book I want to read next: Heart of Darfur, or Twenty Chicken's for a Saddle. My last book was about China, and now back to Africa! It's amazing being able to trek all over the world just through reading.

Ok, that's enough for now. Next blog will be a give away because it's my 200th post!