It's winter and wool is on my mind!

While in Tassie I got the chance to do a little bit of op-shopping and discovered a delightful craft section of City Mission full of bags and bags of wool. Super exciting, but I did need to be very self-controlled due to carry-on luggage only when flying home! I chose three little bags with the plan to make a beanie from each of bagged colour combinations. So far one beanie is completed, and I love it!

I really do find it delightful to sit and crochet in the winter time. All through summer I've kept myself busy crocheting hemp dishcloths. I am waiting to reorder more hemp twine, and for now I just want to play with wool and make beanies.

I love wool. I love spinning from the fleece and the smell of the lanolin, wow! I love the colours of dyed wool and the softness of the different textures. I love making things to wear, and I love the millions of combinations possible with wool. I love natural fibres, and I love using my abilities to create something unique and special.

And, I love having projects to work on - so I am finishing off beanies for my lovely nieces and fun nephew. And I will also be putting some of my 'teenie weanie keenie beanies' in Green Collective for Winter. Plus I will be completing some 20cm square crochet panels for the blankets my church creative collective 'Yarraville Yarns' has been working on.

But for now, sleep. Time to dream of all that I love!