I love languages.

I enjoy words and writing. I love number and problem solving. I love talking and discussing language. I love learning and trying new words.

I have begun tutoring Somali-Aussie kids. I love encouraging them, and getting the chance to get alongside them as a support. I am also loving the chance to reflect and revisit my own education. I have been a student nearly non-stop for the past 25 years. Wow. I love learning, and I love how it equips and enables me to live, work, create and dream. It is so worthwhile to refresh my knowledge and skills, and to use it to help others.

I am embarking on my own journey to learn Swahili. Why? Because I want to be multi-lingual. I would love to be skilled enough in more than one language to be an interpreter. I want to be fluent in a language that is spoken across East Africa. Swahili is spoken from Northern Mozambique, through Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi, Uganda and into DR Congo and Malawi, Somalia and the Islands off the East coast. Swahili is the 7th most widely spoken language in the world. I have had a taster of using it when we lived in Western Kenya, and I am captivated by it.

I am so thankful for the life journey of education and learning I've experienced. I feel like my own education is brought alive as I share it with others. I love challenging myself to grow, to make the most of the rich wealth of education I have been blessed with.


  1. I love your passion for learning & wanting to take the journey of learning Swahili. The picture takes me back to the special moments of being in relationship with Kenyan children that appreciate the opportunity to share life, you're inspiring.


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