Many doors of opportunity have opened in my life.

I love the path I am currently on, because I have been intentional about the choices I have made to take this path. I am thankful for the significant moments I am experiencing as I trek forward.

I believe in a great God and have great hopes and visions for the future. I am sold out for actively living out my faith and utilising my skills and giftings. I am passionate about Africa, about working with women and creativity. I love serving in organisations that work for justice, mercy and hope.

At the moment I feel like as I look around I am surrounded by rich fruit that has flourished as part of the past five years of work and relationships. I love where I stand, and am excited when I see what is around me.

My greatest challenge is balancing my time to ensure I can fit in all the amazing opportunities I have before me. At the moment I just don't think I can fit in all the things I'd love to be doing, and I am needing to prioritise projects and time. I find it really hard to have a jam packed schedule because I don't want to feel like I am running all day. I am finding it hard to prioritise all my opportunities - I just wish I could do them all, as much as I wanted!

The next six months are looking incredible. I can't wait to savour each day.
But for now - decisions, decisions!