I know I've talked heaps about our garden lately.

I was reflecting and think about how I've come to be so passionate about growing my own vegetables. While buying seedlings at Bunnings today, I made small-talk with the check-out guy asking him if he has tried growing his own veggies. He told me that he thought gardening is for older people. Hmm, I think he just called me old! But, I don't think I've just grown into it. I think instead I've caught the vision of just how incredible it is to plant, tend and harvest your own food.

I also went to the DFO today, and was amazed at how many people there were there shopping! I went to one shop, focussed to get just what I was after and nothing more. But I came away thinking they are such consuming, un-creative places. But still I go because I haven't got to the point where I am fully self sufficient, and I must admit there are some products I love... like Element clothing, and Keen shoes. But, I am happy to mix and match the gear I love with my love for the gear I can make. I enjoy making my own clothes - guaranteed to be just my size, my style, and exactly what I'm after!

We have two new vegetables patches: now planted with cauliflower, broccoli, silver-beet, garlic, snow peas, bok choi, carrots, and coriander. Our aim is to be able to have an ongoing harvest of our own vegetables. And, a picture of the super fresh vegetables from the garden for dinner tonight!


  1. Hey i enjoyed reading this because i have seen your garden(have even been part of helping it grow) and i really dig your committment to see it grow. AWESOME. You really look at home in your first pic and the 2nd pic makes me hungry for carrots. 'whats up doc'

  2. I think it's great how we discovered some old railway sleepers locally to create more vegie patches. You're definitely someone that takes action with ideas & I feel privilaged to be a part of them.

  3. Thanks for all your help to make our garden GROW DMac! The veggies were as tasty as they looked... YUM!
    Can't do it without you Ben - Team Keen!


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