Screen Print.

I am currently one and a half years into my study of Textile Design and Development course at RMIT. After completing a degree in International Development at La Trobe University - which was incredible - my aim is to combine my skills and passions in both these areas of study.

I have been studying part-time so that I can work with Green Collect as the sewing instructor and designer for the African Women's Sewing Enterprise. It has been wonderful partnering my work and study. I love the opportunity to take the time to learn and develop my interest in textiles. There have been lots of challenges and trials as I learn, practice and grow in skills, and develop confidence in trying new things.

I have just completed my first semester of screen printing... WOW. I really loved such a practical, creative, colourful, and fun subject! It has been really worthwhile seeing my subjects intersect - colour and design, CAD, design influences, and fibres, fabrics & yarns. I had such a great time that I am keen to continue the journey of screen printing on my own. I aim to buy myself just enough of the gear that I can keep learning and practicing and enjoying the fabulous outcomes!

I look forward to being able to enjoy screen printing wherever my feet are planted in the world. Love what I have learnt!