I find it completely ridiculous to be thinking about Christmas right now - heck, it's only September! I saw an Ad on TV last night about Proud the Jeweller's 'Pre-Christmas Sale'. Far out!

But on the flip side I am dreaming up beautiful things that the African Women's Sewing Enterprise can produce for Christmas. Sigh. I love the opportunity for creative ideas, but not the massive excess-over-consumption attached to Christmas.

I think my best Christmas for non-consumption was when we were in Kenya - we ate fresh Chicken from the back yard, Ugali, skumawiki & fish. But the down side of that Christmas was not being around family. I love a simple Christmas celebration, with family, good food, fun & laughter, peace & joy and hope.

So, my dear family - you keen for Christmas with us in Kenya this year? A Christmas to remember - You'd love it, I promise!


  1. hi erica. love reading your blogs. your lifes inspirational. you heading to kenya again soon? what are you apart of over there?? would love to know the work your involved in.
    love em

  2. Wow! Will you guys be in Kenya?! I've been thinking about Christmas, but sadly mostly how stressful it will be this year :( What I need to do is focus on the amazing gift of Jesus Christ! I'm totally with you, family and a time to celebrate together is priceless.
    Can't wait to see what you make with the ladies.

  3. Ah, I wish we were back in Kenya this year - especially for Christmas! No plans to be there anytime soon though. Just thought I'd put the offer out there and see who was keen :)

    Em, thanks for your lovely encouragement! Ben just came back from Kenya last month... so I don't think we'll be back there this year (I wish!) But I'll keep you posted with what we're up to and our plans for the future :) Very exciting indeed!

    E. xx


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