How do you craft?

Do you source ideas for other people, and then make your own version?
Do you dream ideas up, or see a need and respond to it, or make the same thing a lot, or try lots and lots of different things?
Do you find a piece of material and find a purpose for it? Or do you find the perfect design and then buy the fabric to match? Or do you love to repurpose fabric so that your project has a rich history? Or do you do a bit of all these things perhaps?
How do you craft?

So many ways to make, create, and design!
At the moment I have some fabulous soft, cuddly fabric and I am dreaming up the perfect project for it. I think it would be best made into a softy. I wonder what animal would look good in super soft and cuddly green or pink fabric...

I have many crafty projects I am currently working on. Ah, I just love it.
And also I realised tonight that with my new role my hours have just doubled... which means there are times I can only dream about craft and not be able to make it as often as I like - mind you, as often as I like would pretty much be every day, all the time!