So, I was thinking it was about time I gave an update on the progress of our kitchen garden.

Ah, well... it has been an incredibly frustrating process! I was ready to just give up - why? Well, everything was being eaten by a possum and as soon as it grew a bit, it got eaten! It seemed clear that this possum was going to benefit a lot more than us from this fabulous garden.

So, I gave in an dusted it with a pesticide in the hope that this would deter the possum from helping itself. And then I just had a bit of 'time out' from being around the sad, little munched up plants.
But, as I have watched from my bedroom window each morning the plants have regrown and are finally looking fabulous! Oh, I feel so happy! We can eat the spinach and silverbeet, the onions are looking fine, and I have hope for the cabbages.

Oh, what a frustrating journey but yet a learning curve of patience, commitment and hope.


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