Walk on.

My role has expanded at work, and I am now the co-ordinator of our Brunswick store. Fabulous opportunity - I'm really excited about how I can contribute and invest.

But - phewy - what a journey of adjustment to standing up all day long! After I did two days in a row standing up in the shop my back was aching like crazy, and then the next day I spent 10 hours sitting in the car as we travelled up North - and my back hurt even more, ha ha! Finally after three weeks of my new role, I'm starting to not ache as much: slowly adjusting to so much standing up!

And tonight, for my Design Influences class, we had an excursion to textile studio in Fitzroy... but I had no car so I left work in Brunswick and took the tram as far as possible in the direction I needed to go, and then a brisk walk for 25 min. Oh, it was so good! I love walking.

After class I walked more, to go and meet Ben on Lygon street. So much to see in Melbourne, and I love getting up close and seeing more of the city and suburbs I walk. Tonight I enjoyed listening to the new Bliss N Eso album as I walked. And you know, I would much rather walk than stand - and I think this is also a view I apply holistically in life:

I would much rather walk on than stand still.