Often Ben & I will answer these three points before we go to sleep at night - a brief reflection on today:

Highlights - loved being at the MMM, and that it didn't rain. I enjoy sharing my creativity with others, and the celebration of handicrafts. I wish more people bought my Fair Trade coffee book bags, cause they are awesome! The fabulous response to the items made by the African Women's Sewing Enterprise - the items made by these women are worth celebrating and investing in! The visits of friends to the market :) Thanks for coming!

Lowlights - missing out on dinner with Ben's family in Launceston tonight for his brother's birthday, and therefore having to cook my own dinner! Feeling tired on such an awesome day.

What I'm looking forward to tomorrow - participating in an interactive church service, and in the afternoon some time to myself for sewing. Packaging up some presents to send off in the post on Monday! Coffee.