To do.

Well, I certainly love it when I achieve some of the things on my long to-do list!

Ah, to-do lists can seem never ending, but along with that I know that my endless creative ideas and dreams certainly add to what already feels like a very fulfilling list!

I certainly think there is an art to keeping on top of all aspects of my life... from housework to hobbies, faith to friendships. There are so many important and urgent things needing my attention. And this reminds me of the book 'Seven habits of highly effective people'. It's a book I've studied, and personally I found it very worthwhile. I am reminded of Habit 3: Put first things first (this was my favourite habit overall). I think what I love about this most, is not that I always have to do the boring responsible jobs (like the dishes) first, but rather to tackle jobs from a life perspective - weighing up the importance, purpose, and value of each task. I love this approach, especially when it enables me time for activities I would class as 'soul food' - like a afternoon bike ride, making a gift, taking time to talk on the phone, walking the long way home - and also making time and space for the essentials in life. Life is so much more than the nagging tasks that can weigh us down, and we need to make time to get to the important aspects of life which will never be urgent!

So, today I conquered a few outstanding things on my list of important things I needed to complete - and I am so pleased! And also it's so nice to just stop and reflect on the achievement before embarking on other ideas, jobs, responsibilities, tasks and adventures.

Oh, this to-do list isn't actually written down on paper but rather stored away in my head... somehow still exciting, and a little less overwhelming when it can float around in my mind!