I think it's very interesting to look back and reflect on views I used to think.

Such as, about 6 years ago I just had no interest in earrings. And so many girls were just so into them. Interesting. And now, I realise I really like earrings... and especially wearing them in winter when earrings are the only jewellery which can be seen over all the layers.
Interesting how we change over time.

But also there are views that haven't changed at all.
Such as, I really love to listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day and U2. And that hasn't changed at all in what seems like forever. I find it particularly interesting that my mum now also likes all these bands. Perhaps I brain washed her through repetition. Quite possibly.

I think it is really interesting to reflect on what influences my views, my likes and dislikes, my ideas and inspirations. Influences definitely come from the people I look up to, the work I'm involved in, family and friends. I wonder what I am like now for those who knew me years ago. I wonder how different, or the same, I seem to them now?