Street Art.

I love my study of Textile Design and Development because it interacts so amazingly with so many aspects of art, craft, design, culture, history, style and the inspiration is endless. I have been learning and thinking about mark making, drawing, design, text and particularly about how to stretch my skills, develop my eye, shape my ideas and learn new things. One of my classes spent time in Hosier Lane in Melbourne hearing the story of the development of street art in the city. Wow. I love it.

Today I went into the storm drain near the entry to the Westgate Freeway - right near my house - because I have seen the artwork from a distance when I walk to work. But today I took the adventure to go and see it up close. Amazing.

Thanks to those people that put their artwork on the walls, in the streets, on display for all of us to share it. I love being inspired by others, but more importantly I need to not only be inspired but I need to do something with it! So, the first thing I'm doing is sharing here and am looking forward to exploring more of my own creativity based on inspiration such as this. Love it.


  1. It is so interesting and amazing. I love this type of art.


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