Where I'd rather be.

I was just listening to Joshua Radin's song 'I'd rather be with you' and it made me think of the times when I dream of where I'd rather be...

Do you dream of where you would rather be?

Today I would rather be somewhere warm and sunny! I walked to work here in Melbourne and the sky looked gloomy and the trucks were so noisy, and I walked past no people but lots of fences - I would rather be walking along the dirt path in western Kenya, meeting people and shaking hands, walking alongside the crops of the local farmers and enjoying the sunshine! Or I would love to be walking along the roadside in New Delhi, experiencing the chaos of India up close - smells, sights, noises and feeling more connected to the world around me.

Today, if I could I just for a while, I would rather be home sitting on my couch with my craft projects spread out all over the living space, drinking the Fair Trade coffee from our new coffee machine and listening to music and just enjoy the peace of being creative.

Tonight, I would rather be sharing dinner with my family in Tasmania. I would love to be sitting around a big table filled with food and drinks and just talk, laugh, listen and love together.

This weekend I would rather be on a road trip with my man, perhaps to the coast somewhere near by. Oooh, and if we could squeeze our bikes in the car too that would be perfect! I love just getting out and about, taking adventures, living extra-ordinary. And if I'm lucky we could even take the coffee machine along with us too!

At the start of next year, I would rather be leaving on an airplane. Why? Because I know I have a calling that I must answer. I am already working on it, but there is more to my journey that is yet to unfold - and I can't wait! I love the passions, talents, and dreams that are in my heart.

Perhaps these things might eventuate today, tonight or tomorrow, or perhaps at another time. But I don't mind pondering where I'd rather be... providing I can still be in the moment, here and now.

Where would you rather be?