Ten cents.

Do you think much about right and wrong? And particularly regarding etiquette? Do you ever have your say - not out loud, but in your head? I do. For example I think that men should always put the seat down after they use the loo. I won't always share my ten cents with you, but I can't deny I won't think it!

Thoughts of my personal view of right and wrong are constant, but also so limiting. We all need to make friends with people who challenge our world view, people we can listen to and learn from, people we can be inspired by and who can call us out to grow. I think we need to get out of our headspace about criticising people who won't replace the toilet roll, or those we work with who don't do their own dishes, or people who have conversations in a pathway and block the traffic and are terribly inconvenient... And find a means to live more in the moment, and even perhaps to celebrate our differences! I love to be loved, and I need to extend this to all those I interact with.... Though this certainly doesn't mean you can leave the toilet seat up, boys!


  1. Absolutely! I'm trying actively to not let small things get to me, it's a choice I'm trying to make everyday, but it's hard! I get annoyed that my neighbor has a noisy rooster which disturbs Roman's sleep, that I can't leave the house without my neighbor asking me where I'm off too, TRAFFIC and tea towels which are left in wet crumpled piles by someone who shall remain nameless! If we spend so much time focused on our differences and our annoyance, we have little time left to enjoy the uniqueness of each individual.


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